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Inge Broer

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Inge’s Tools & Modalities:

Reiki, Energy Healing, Intuitive Reading, Shadow Alchemy, Lifestyle design and coaching (and many, many more)

Expertise in unlocking healers

Inge specializes in helping natural healers overcome their blocks around business, sensitivity and expression so that they can heal their way to the life of their dreams and heal the world as they do so.

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About Inge Broer | In Inge’s words

Inge’s Journey

Dearest healer,

I know you might be a bit uncomfortable with that word. I am too. There’s something about it that assumes some kind specialness.

I have a problem with that because I believe the opposite is actually true.

I believe healing is the most natural thing in the world. We’re all healing ourselves constantly. I see it as something normal, happening in the background all the time. To me, a healer is someone who engages with the process of healing, lovingly submitting themselves to more love, grace and wholeness in the process.

So if you’re reading this? There’s a chance you’re engaged in your healing journey and I am therefore including you in the category of “healer”. Thank you. Truly. You’re making the world a better place.

What does all of this have to do with YOUR journey?

It’s how I’ve approached my healer’s journey over the last decade. I’ve worked with thousands of people to awaken the healer within and to empower them to make choices in alignment with their wholeness. In the process, they felt more grounded, connected and happy, the voice of their intuition became easier to listen to, their lives became more aligned with their authentic selves. Some even started doing healing work with others themselves.

Now, I work with those who wish to awaken others to be their own healers. I work with them by turning every shadow into power, by holding them in the deep healing work keeping them from their next level (this includes working your visibility, responsibility and money blocks) and by empowering them to create a life that truly reflects who they are

If this reverberates in you and makes your soul sing, book a discovery call.

… but out of respect for my time, I ask you ONLY do this if you’re truly ready to dive deep into your healing and you’re ready and willing to invest 4 months and $2700 CAD into your future as a healer. Until then, enjoy the podcast. I know you’ll find a lot of value there.

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