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Chakra Journey

Heal your Chakras,Heal your Life

If you’ve got some healing tools and are ready to heal your life systematically, if you’re ready to examine your entire life with the lens of energy and clear the energetic blocks hiding in your finances, relationships, and exercise habits, this is the course for you. You will learn to see our whole life in energetic terms & learn to read the roadmap our chakras offer us so we can use our daily lives to heal.

Within Chakra Journey, you will heal your life through:

  • Receiving information + training: You will learn about each chakra, their manifestations of balance and unbalance, & how to heal them. This is recorded through videos & workbooks so you have access way beyond the time of our course.
  • Understanding how your energy is organized. You will receive complete maps of the vibrational resonances of each chakra so that you can better read the energy in your life in terms of the chakras. This will allow you to make intelligent adjustments and invite your clients’ to do the same.
  • Doing a 7 chakra self-healing journey. You will systematically explore the energy of each of your 7 chakras, both by curiously and compassionately examining how they flow internally and externally. Then, you are going to take intelligent and systematic action to clean up the energy in your life.
  • (Group Program Only) Receiving dynamic & interactive guidance. Our classes feel like conversations with dear friends (where you happen to learn and grow a lot). As a human you know a lot more than you think about energy & healing and it’s our job to draw that out. Whatever comes up for you through the journey is open for conversation.
Heal Your Chakras | Heal Your Life  | Become a Better Energy Reader

The Details

The format:

Group :

We meet a total of 8 times via zoom. The classes are designed to anchor powerfully into the energy of the chakra, to learn from each other and to be held accountable. You also receive all your trainings and meditations accessible in a learning portal.

Self-Study :

You take yourself through the program with the meditations, recorded Q & A calls & more accessible in the learning portal.

The exchange:

  • Group :
    $800 + tax
  • Self-Study :
    $225 + tax

The Dates:


The group program is currently only open to certificate students.

Self-Study :

It starts when you purchase the course.

The Location

Online through a Learning Portal and Zoom (for group program only)

What happens as
soon as you sign up:

As soon as you sign up, you will receive an e-mail with access to your online learning portal, where you’ll have instant access to your welcome materials. If you’re in the group, you will also receive a confirmation e-mail with all the details of your course.

Heal your chakras, heal your life

– Inge Broer

Inge Broer, Teacher of Chakra Journey

About The teacher

Hi, I’m Inge.

In 2009, my energy healing journey all started because I googled “chakra healing Montreal”. I was told there was a great class where I could learn about chakras and lo and behold, the school where it was offered was looking to hire right as I was looking for a job. The rest is history. I fell deeply in love with the chakra system, allowed it to heal me over and over and now I love taking others through this journey and helping them decode the incredible wisdom hidden directly in their energy bodies.

Whether you do this course as a self-study or group program, I know you’ll learn and heal a tremendous amount.

What past students have to say:

David Barraza, coach

“After taking Reiki I with Inge, I wanted to deep dive more on understanding the 7 main chakras and how they interact with our physical body and our reality. Inge is very patient and knowledgeable about the topic. I totally recommend this course.”

– David Barraza


If you’re looking for the be-all-end-all course about chakras, this isn’t it. It has a distinct psychological, experiential journey twist, given by a western woman interested in the same. If you’re looking for a course deeply steeped in tradition, this isn’t it.

If you’re looking for an understanding of chakra healing through hands-on healing or case study discussion, this isn’t the course for you (although, in the group program Inge can add some of this if you request it).

If you’re already well-versed in the chakras, this isn’t for you. The information presented here is relatively basic, non-academic and aimed to take you from “not quite understanding the chakras” to “understanding the chakras at a new level” or from “mentally understanding the chakras” to “embodying an understanding of the chakras”.

This can happen, of course. $75 of your group course fee is non-refundable. If after the first class you decide the course is not for you and you decide to walk away, you will be refunded the rest. After that time there will be no refunds. For the self-study program, you have 1 week to change your mind.

If you’re unsure if this course is for you, the best thing is to book a call with Inge.

Life sometimes gets in the way.

If you have to cancel before the course starts or after only one class – $75 of your group course fee is non-refundable, but can be applied as a credit to a future course.

If you have to cancel after class 2 – We can take measures to have you complete the course individually (you will make up the difference between fees) or we can credit you your course fee for a future course. Because the self-study class is yours to keep forever, there is no cancellation policy.

Yes! You can split the fee into two payments for the group program. Inquire with Inge before you sign up.

The self-study course fee cannot be broken up.

YES. As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive access to your online portal, where you’ll find all your materials. For the journey itself, you’ll have to wait your first class.

If your Chakra Journey Group course starts in more than 6 weeks from now, you can also start your healing journey with Healing Presence, which starts as soon as you sign up. It will prepare you well. Check it out here.

For the group, if you miss a zoom class, you will receive the recording (as long as everyone is OK with this). If you already know you’re going to be missing a class, best check with Inge before signing up to create a plan.

Chakra Journey is a very flexible course. It can be done right at the start or towards the tailend of the program. It is a good one to do as a self-study program when other courses aren’t in session or simply when you feel called (in conjunction with another course, or not).

You’ve made it all the way to the end of the page. This is the moment you decide.

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